Welder Outfitting Services was established in 1988


 ...by Shawn and Brian Welder. They began their involvement with horses, outfitting, and guiding as teenagers in the 1970's working on local guest ranches and working ranches.  Over the years, Brian and Shawn have made careers managing and owning ranch and recreational businesses.  Welder Outfitting is now in its 29th year!


Shawn worked at Rio Blanco Ranch for his sister and brother-in-law as a teenager, learning about horses, ranching, and guest services.  After six years at Rio Blanco Ranch, Shawn served his county in the Army Infantry and was honorably discharged in 1985. 

Afterwards, Shawn went right back to horses and outfitting, managing the Ruby Ranch stables in Summit County, CO for the next four years.  During the winters, Shawn earned an Associate Degree in Science from the local community college.  While still hunting and outfitting every fall at Welder Ranch, in 1989 Shawn got the opportunity to manage a large private ranch that also did ranching, hunting, fishing, and recreation.  After 12 years as a ranch manager, Shawn relocated back to the White River to pursue the family business year round.  Shawn has three sons that help with the business.


Brian also worked at Rio Blanco Ranch for several years and got involved in recreational ranching in the 1970's.  In the 1980's, Brian worked with cutting horses as manager of Winter Hawk Ranch in Durango, Co.  During that time Brian earned a B.A. in Business Administration at Fort Lewis College, graduating in 1988.


After earning his degree, Brian left Durango to share a partnership with Shawn by becoming the first manager of the newly formed Welder Outfitting Services.  Brian also returned to Rio Blanco Ranch to manage their horse program and co-manage operations for several years while returning to Welder Ranch to assist in the fall.

Brian currently owns Maroon Bells Outfitters near Aspen, CO and continues to bring his packing and guiding skills to Welder Ranch during hunting season.  In addition he can cook up a mean steak!