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  ...and as the cool air marks the change of the season, the fall rifle hunt begins. For generations this hunt has been the hallmark of the western style hunt and for the past 33 years the Welders have cut their teeth on the hunting and horse packing of the fall rifle hunt.
Hunters that come to the Welder's for a full service guided elk hunt can be sure that we will do everything possible to make their hunt a great experience!  
Each hunter will get personal service, and the hunt plan is built around each hunter's specific interests, such as horses, type of hunting, group size, couples, hosting friends, business associates, location, method of hunting, as well as physical ability.

Elk hunting is more than a 100 year old tradition in the White River....


This country is in GMU 24 and extends for about 12 miles of the valley, west of Trappers Lake, both north and
south of the White River. This vast country offers clients a broad range of hunting opportunities ranging from
8,000 ft elevations to 11,000 ft. We seldom encounter other hunters in this area of the Flat Tops Wilderness.

Guided clients stay with us thirty miles east of Meeker at our beautiful cabin, Ute Lodge, or one of the equally nice cabins available.  Every hunter is a special guest. Hunting can be very hard and we know our hunters hunt harder, for more days, when they are well-fed and rested (and having fun!). Sometimes a successful hunt means you have to be as prepared on the fifth day of the hunt as you were on the first day.

A typical day during the hunt begins early at the Welder's with breakfast, coffee and hunt preparation with the guides. When not hunting from the ranch, we transport horses to one of the many access points along the White River. This covers over 12 miles of the upper White River, both north and south of the river.

Hunting in this manner allows us to provide a very broad range of hunting opportunities and adjustment to migration and movement of the elk. We ride out early in the morning to the hunting areas, often climbing over a thousand vertical feet on horseback (in the dark).  In the evening hunts, we find ourselves out on the mountain again, waiting for the elk…then back home in the dark!

Call Shawn Welder for booking and details at 970-314-5923




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Moose Rifle season​

  • Rifle:  October 1 - October 14


Deer & Elk Rifle Seasons

  • 1st Regular Rifle Elk                                    October 10th - October 14th

  • 2nd Regular Combined Rifle Deer & Elk  October 24th - November 1st

  • 3rd Regular Combined Rifle Deer & Elk   November 7th - November 13th

  • 4th Regular Combined Rifle Deer & Elk   November 18th - November 22nd


ARCHERY & MUZZLE LOADING                                                                       Take me to Base & Drop Camps



Archery and muzzle loading seasons are the first of the big game elk hunts of the year. The 2020 - 2024 Archery seasons begins Thursday, September 2 and runs through Thursday, September 30. Muzzle loading runs 9 days starting in mid September.
These hunts are the premier elk hunts because they are during the rut and a hunter may encounter many elk at very close range before getting a shot. This hunt is not for the faint of heart. Unit 24 is the home of the largest elk herd in North America. Game management unit 24 is broken down between the north and south of the White River. Both areas offer great hunting, as we often hunt locations where the same elk go back and forth across this unit.
In recent years most out of state hunters get the south side in one application. The North side is almost as open.

With one preference point a hunter will very likely get the draw in both areas. Welder Outfitting Services books
their hunts on a first come-first served basis, not just by season dates. If we can start a hunt on the date that works for you and your group, we will do our best to make it work.

We most often host our hunters from Welder Ranch because of the close distance to the hunting areas, but we also provide these hunts from our (Milk Creek) backcountry camp, provided there are at least four hunters in the group. These archery and muzzle loading hunts are for the most avid hunters.

Archery and muzzle loading hunts are very challenging and we often hike more and use the horses less than in the rifle seasons. Being mobile is important. The Welders and their guides consider this season to be the most challenging and rewarding of the elk hunts. A good day of bugling makes for great hunting!

Our services are first class and of superb value.  Hunters of Welder Outfitting Services will get very personal attention from Shawn and Brian and their guides.


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Deer & Elk Archery Season               September 2nd - September 30th   

Deer & Elk Muzzleloader Season     September 11th - September 19th

Moose Archery:  September 11 - September 30th

Moose Muzzleloader: September 11 - September 19 (draw only)

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